Wednesday, January 17, 2018

First Day of Symposium “The Future of Medical Ultrasound”

  • 09.00   Registration
  • 10.00   Opening Session
        • Opening and introduction (T. Fischer, H. Hahn)
        • Welcome address (B. Hamm, H. Maier)
  • 11:00   Session I: Ultrasound Physics
        • Ultrafast functional ultrasound imaging (C. de Korte)
        • Time-harmonic elastography for soft tissue mechanical parameter quantification (I. Sack)
        • Ultrasonic research systems: need, technologies, applications (S. Tretbar)
        • Ultrafast imaging and superresolution ultrasound (M. Tanter)
        • The role of biophysical modeling in high precision ultrasound therapy (T. Preusser)
  • 12.30   Lunch Break
  • 13.30   Session II: Novel Applications and Therapeutic Ultrasound
        • Ultrasound for diagnosis and interventional procedures in pancreatic cancer (M. D‘Onofrio)
        • New trends in cardiac ultrasound (F. Knebel)
        • Non invasive ultrasound cardiac therapy (M. Pernot)
        • Bone quantitative ultrasound – dead or alive? (K. Raum)
        • Advances in ultrasound diagnostic imaging clinical applications (C. Simm)
  • 15.00   Coffee Break
  • 15.30   Session III: Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
        • Monitoring of the EVAR therapy with CEUS and image fusion (J. Clevert)
        • CEUS for innovative liver tumor diagnostics and interventions – percutaneous and intraoperative (E.-M. Jung)
        • Longitudinal integration of the interdisciplinary ultrasound curriculum (U. Teichgräber)
        • Interdisciplinary ultrasound: Opening a comprehensive toolbox (T. Fischer)
        • Emergency sonography with FAST and FATE (M. Möckel)
  • 17.00   Guided Tour to Ultrasound Center of the Charité
        • From clinical routine to an interdisciplinary network at the Charité Ultrasound Center (O. Haase, M. Kallenbach, M. Möckel, G. Pecher, C. Stephan)
  • 19.30   Conference Dinner

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Second Day of Symposium “The Future of Medical Ultrasound”

  • 09.30   Session IV: Autonomous and Multiparametric Ultrasound
        • The coming revolution in transducer technologies and smart image acquisition (W. Crooijmans)
        • The coming revolution in automized data analysis and image display technologies (B. Mumm)
        • Computer-assisted guidance and automated image interpretation in point-of-care ultrasound applications (S. Aylward)
  • 10.30   Coffee Break
  • 11.00   Session V: Contrast Agents and Theranostics
        • Contrast-enhanced ultrasound: New diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities (S. Feinstein)
        • Microbubbles for ultrasound diagnosis and therapy (F. Kiessling)
        • Molecular imaging with ultrasound contrast agents (M. Krix)
        • Regulatory prospective requirements (FDA/EMA) for contrast agent development (K. Shamsi)
        • Multi-parametric ultrasound joins multi-parametric MRI to battle prostate cancer (A. Baur, T. Fischer)
  • 12.30   Lunch Break / Guided Tour to Ultrasound Center of the Charité
  • 14.00   Plenary Discussion
  • 14.30   Coffee Break
  • 15.00   Wrap-up / Closing Remarks
  • 16.00   Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité
  • 19.00   Faculty Dinner

Friday, January 19, 2018

Expert Meeting

Closed expert meeting for invited participants only to discuss strategic issues behind medical ultrasound and produce the cornerstones of a white paper that addresses the research and development agenda for the next decade.